Friday, November 15, 2013

Try Herbs To Quit Smoking – BoldSky [ G4dG33t ]

One of the toughest addictions to quit is smoking cigarettes. Tobacco and nicotine addiction is a hard combination to stay away from for smoking community. You might have started smoking as a teenager trying something new, lured into it by friends for its exhilarating experience or influenced by its stylish and cool portrayal. Whatever may be the reason for entering into the habit of smoking, after a period of time, you do feel like quitting at some point.

Though the easiest part of it deciding, the actual will to quit takes a lot out of you.There are lots of de-addiction centres that help you quit smoking along with various other methods such as nicotine tablets, e-cigarettes, patch etc. that might help you along. There are lesser known methods involving various herbs and herbal supplements that help you quit smoking. These herbal remedies are gaining popularity for being purely natural as they have no side effects. They can be extracted from certain plants, flowers, leaves or sometimes fungal extracts.

The decision to quit smoking needs lots of support from family and hell lot of distraction in a good way. You can choose to go with herbal remedies to quit smoking. Withdrawal symptoms involved in quitting smoking are varied between mild nausea to severe complications depending on your level of addiction and duration of intense smoking. While choosing herbal remedies to quit smoking, you are prescribed several different herbs to fight different nicotine retrieval symptoms. Each symptom requires different herbal remedy to cope with.

Here are some of the popular herbal remedies to quit smoking.

St. John’s wort

It is said to be the most popular among herbal remedies to quit smoking. It helps to calm and relax the body and help reduce the amount of stress and agitation experienced by someone going through nicotine withdrawals.


This is one herb that imitates effects of nicotine on brain in a non-addictive way. Hence it is said to be one of the most effective herb used to quit smoking. Quite a few smoking cessation products in the market contain extracts of this herb.

Blue vervain

Blue vervain acts as a natural tranquilizer helping you to relax relieving of stress, anxiety, tension and agitation. This way it helps you cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and control the urge to smoke.


One of the side effects of nicotine withdrawal is nausea and in some cases vomiting. Peppermint is well-known for relieving nausea and inducing relaxation. It even has anaesthetic and pain-relieving effect on the body.

Korean ginseng

This is a very powerful herb that is used to increase energy levels and help your body cope with stress. While you are on course to quit smoking, your body is prone to a lot of stress and lethargy. Ginseng helps to your body cope with these withdrawal symptoms.


This is one other herb that has properties to act as a sedative. It induces tranquillity during anxiety. When you are in the process of quitting smoking, you are prone to anxiety attacks, during which motherwort helps in tranquilising the effect.

Black cohosh

This is a well known herb used as a safe sedative option to deal with nervousness and anxiety. These are the most common symptoms faced during withdrawals that leads to triggers when not dealt with. Black cohosh herb helps in dealing with this major nicotine withdrawal better.

Slippery elm

Sometimes smoking cessation results in digestive problems and lots of discomfort arising out indigestion. This herb helps rich in nutrients and easy to digest, making it an excellent food during the process of quitting smoking.